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Who are the providers and what are their benefits?

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Who are the providers and what are their benefits?

Provider Groups are “across the board”, major players in most global financial markets, and to this end no advertising will be found regarding Leased Bank Guarantees, the correct definition being Collateral Transfer. Please note that IntaCapital Swiss, enjoy a unique relationship with many Providers and Provider Groups, and as such are “The Point of Contact” for those companies who wish to lease a Bank Guarantee from Provider Groups.

Utilising their huge asset base, Providers and Provider Groups such as Hedge Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity Funds and Larger Family Offices are able to provide Bank Guarantees for Collateral Transfer.

Many companies are seeking to lease Bank Guarantees, and to successfully accomplish this mission, they must enter into contract with a Provider, referred to as a Collateral Transfer Agreement. The Collateral Transfer Agreement, allows the Provider to transfer a Bank Guarantee to another company, referenced as the Beneficiary, for a limited period, and expect a payment in return, which is referred to as the Collateral Transfer Fee.

Underperforming assets and those with small coupons can be the nemesis of Provider Groups. However, by collateralising these assets and supplying Bank Guarantees to the Collateral Transfer market, Providers are receiving a significantly greater return than they otherwise would if left alone.

IntaCapital Swiss, are proving to have a major impact on the Collateral Transfer market. Their cutting- edge financial model, the Collateral Transfer Facility, is providing a platform between Provider Groups and those companies wishing to lease Bank Guarantees, in order to access loans and lines of credit, alluded to as Credit Guarantee Facilities.

The majority of our clients:

The financial markets in today’s world have become infinitely harder to access. Businesses are finding difficulties in accessing credit. IntaCapital Swiss with their highly talented team, are able to alleviate these problems by offering their Collateral Transfer Facility. The ability for their clients to receive Bank Guarantees on their account in order to obtain a credit line.

This exceptional facility allows clients to approach their bankers for a credit line once the Bank Guarantee has been allocated to their account. Banks are very open to this form of financing and thus most credit line applications are successful. However, in certain circumstances the clients’ relationship with his bank may not be at a level where the bank is prepared to approve a credit line and thus the application gets turned down.

If an application gets rejected by the client’s bankers, IntaCapital Swiss can assure their clients that they can provide a line of credit against the Bank Guarantee thus ensuring that their business is successful and can continue to grow.