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About IntaCapital Swiss, Bank, and Bank Guarantees

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About IntaCapital Swiss, Bank, and Bank Guarantees

At IntaCapital Swiss, they have created a financial product, the Collateral Transfer or C/T Facility, dedicated to raising loans and credit lines often alluded to as Credit Guarantee Facilities, that are made available to clients who’s own bankers have rejected their application for Credit Guarantee Facilities, even when offered the security of a Demand Bank Guarantee.

It is a simple fact that without the banking system international and local finance would cease to exist. The Issuing, Receiving and Correspondent Banks, play an important role within the bounds of the Collateral Finance Facility as the Issuing and Correspondent Bank are responsible for issuing Bank Guarantees and transferring them to the Receiving Bank for the Beneficiary’s Account.

Utilising the Bank Guarantee as Collateral, the Beneficiary has the opportunity to approach their bank requesting a loan or a line of credit. Sadly, history shows banks declining these requests for reasons such as the Bank Guarantee is not strong enough, a lack of a close relationship between client and banker, stringent credit regulations and lack of turnover on the Beneficiary’s account. Banks have even gone as far as to reject receiving a Bank Guarantee.

Companies seeking Credit Guarantee Facilities have to face the above problems on a daily basis. IntaCapital Swiss have a dedicated and exceptionally talented team who have solved these problems, and for clients who have their credit applications and Bank Guarantees rejected, IntaCapital Swiss can offer the following,

  1. Unique access to a Bank Account held at an Investment Grade Bank
  2. Safe Custody Facilities that allow the Beneficiary to receive the Bank Guarantee
  3. Access to credit lines utilising the Collateral Transfer Facility
  4. All the above subject to due diligence

At IntaCapital Swiss the mantra is client satisfaction, and with regard to the Collateral Transfer Facility, together with the above-mentioned banking package, this all-encompassing financial product has proved a massive success for their clients.